For our Suppliers :

We support our suppliers in marketing, selling & distribution of their products and provide after sale services. We provide services for:


We have sales executives with the specialized experience and expertise to focus on and push sales across four broad channels: Modern trade (hyper & super markets), Retail, HORECA and Rural. We involve ourselves in order booking, transportation & delivery, ready-stock sale, cash collection, KPI reporting, and consumer interaction programmes.

Warehouse Management:

We provide our clients with warehousing & its management. Our system is designed to fit to unique demands of our clients.


We have our own fleet of carriers and have tie-up with transport companies. We ensure a safe & timely delivery of goods.


We have trained merchandisers to ensure best product visibility on the shelf. We also help our clients in choosing the right outlets for their products and provide them with sales analysis to judge the efficacy of merchandising activities.

For our Customers:

Depending on their business, our customers look to buy or to resell clients' products. Customers run a grocery store, supermarket, restaurant, catering business or a canteen.
    We help our customers get the best products and brands at the best prices. We provide them with access to knowledge and market understanding.